Did you know that a good product picture boosts sales more than any other form of information you put up on your website? And it also has a high rate of retaining visitors? The product photograph you upload on your online store should therefore be crisp, clear and free of unwanted elements. Removing or changing the background of your photograph can give it a whole new dimension.

Whether you want to put up product photographs on your e-commerce website or any other picture on your website, background editing will allow you to easily merge the image with the existing content on the web page. Removing the background not only brings the focus to the subject, but also allows you to easily post the image anywhere on the webpage.

High-end photo editing tools and applications help you efficiently remove backgrounds and amp your image’s quality. One of the most popular photo editing tools is Adobe Photoshop. It’s easy to understand and simple to use. This user-friendly software offers loads of techniques and methods to remove the background. Photoshop creates layers in your images, which allows you to work on one particular layer without making any changes in the other layers.

Once you upload the picture on Photoshop, navigate to the layers window. If you haven’t edited the picture before, then you will have only one layer – background. Set the layer value at “0”, and you can start editing the picture. Adobe Photoshop offers a range of tools for background removal.

Magic Eraser Tool

An online version of the regular eraser, it lets you erase out the background layer. Remember using the eraser tool when you first learnt paint? This one’s as simple as that. But before you start erasing, there are some settings you should mark so your photo subject is not erased out by mistake.

  • Select the Magic Eraser Tool
  • Go to the Top Menu Bar
  • Set Opacity at 100%
  • Check Contiguous and Contiguous box
  • Adjust the tolerance settings according to the type of background you want – solid or gradient

Choose different erase thickness as you work around the image, removing the background. Thin when you’re very close to the subject and thick when you’re a little away from the subject. You can also slightly smudge the edges of the picture, so if you want to add another background, the subject will easily merge with it.

Background Eraser Tool

If your photo image has a complex background, then you should use the Background Eraser Tool.

  • Select the Background Eraser Tool
  • Hold on the tool icon till the menu appears
  • Choose arrow option
  • Adjust brush diameter
  • Set hardness to 100%
  • Set Tolerance levels between 20 – 30%
  • Select contiguous option – This option allows you to remove colors that are touching each other within the editing circle you’ve created. It also ensures that the color inside the subject image is not removed.
  • Use the dis-contiguous option to remove unwanted colors in the subject

Start erasing the complex background

Lasso Tool

This tool will help you manually select certain parts of the image by drawing a rough outline around it. After you’ve lassoed the subject, use “New Layer Via Cut” option to place the subject on a different background for easy editing.

Magic Wand Tool

This tool automatically selects areas for removal based on the differences between the subject and the background. It’s a great tool for automatically removing large background areas.

Quick Selection Tool

Another automatic option offered by Adobe Photoshop, the Quick Selection Tool allows you to mark background regions that need to be removed. Just select the regions and let the software do the rest of the work.

All these tools make it very easy for you to edit photographs and easily remove the background. If you don’t have the time or inclination to manually edit photographs, you can always make use of online background removal service providers. You can save plenty of time and effort with these online photo editors.

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