Removing White Background

White background is the standard backdrop that is commonly used in product photography. This is because white background makes the product more visible and clear than any other color. It is also easier to remove during post processing process using Adobe Photoshop.
You don’t have to be an expert to learn the basics of background removal. Here are few tools and techniques that you can use to remove white background from your image in no time.

We will be seeing:

1. Selection Tools
2. Eraser Tools

Selection Tools:

These are a set of tools that helps you in making a selection, which can be modified later. The selection tools are not only useful for removing backgrounds but also for many other purposes such as changing color, resizing and doing other sorts of modifications. Tools that fall under this category are Lasso Tool, Polygonal Lasso Tool, Magnetic Lasso Tool, Quick Selection Tool and Magic Wand Tool.

Magnetic Lasso Tool:

This is a very simple and easy-to-use tool available in the Lasso category. Take an image with white background. Select the Magnetic Lasso tool under the Lasso tools icon from the toolbar. Click anywhere on the edge of the subject and drag your mouse pointer along the border.Create a selection around the subject and complete it by clicking the starting point of the selection. Now, right click on the selection, choose ‘reverse selection’ and hit delete to remove the white background.

Quick Selection Tool:

The Quick Selection Tool is very useful to select pixels of same color. First, select the tool from the toolbar and you can see your mouse pointer turned into a circle shaped brush. Its size can be changed in the options bar according to the need and necessity.Once the tool is selected, start painting on the white background and watch the selection grow without disturbing the subject. This is a quick and convenient way for selecting background.

Magic Wand Tool:

The Magic Wand Tool works just like the Quick Selection Tool by selecting a group of pixels sharing same color. But, this tool will select the entire white area with such one click instead of painting all over the background. After selecting the Magic Wand tool from the toolbar, click on the white background to make selection. Any minor corrections can be completed by holding down ‘shift’ key and clicking outside the selection to expand the area while holding ‘alt’ key will deselect the selected area.


Adjusting the tolerance settings for the magic wand tool can make the selection big and small. It tells the tool exactly how flexible the selection can be. For instance, if the value is 45, it means any pixels that are 45 shades lighter or darker than the selected pixel will be included to the selection. Thus, lower the value, smaller the selection and higher the value, larger the selection.

Eraser Tools

Unlike selection tools, the eraser tools will directly delete the layer without making any selection area. They are typically made for background removal and deleting unwanted pixels from an image. Tools that are available are Eraser Tool, Background Eraser Tool and Magic Eraser Tool.

Background Eraser Tool:

As the name says, it is a great tool present in Adobe Photoshop for removing simple and complicated backgrounds.The tool samples a pixel and removes every other pixel with the same color within the brush diameter. By doing so, the foreground (i.e. the subject) is left undisturbed. Brush size can be increased to get the work quickly. It also has tolerance setting, which acts the same way it acted in Magic Wand tool.

Magic Eraser Tool:

The Magic Eraser Tool works the same way the Magic Wand tool worked. Only difference between these two tools it that Magic Wand makes a selection while Magic Eraser directly removes without creating a selection area. This tool is much faster than the Background Eraser tool, as it removes the white background with a single click. However, when it comes to complicated backgrounds, you will have to be careful with the Magic Eraser tool.

These are some of the quick and easy tools that can be used to remove a simple white background using Photoshop. However, if you happen to have lots of images to process and you don’t have time to do, we are happy to work for you. Remove Background is a leading company in the field of online white background removal and other image processing services. Just upload your files online and we will deliver your images with top quality output.