What do you do when you go to a brick and mortar store to purchase clothing? Look at the outfit’s colour, feel its fabric, checkout its prints and styles and then try out if it fits you? Your customer will not be able to do all this when she visits your online store. So, how can you convince her and tempt her to purchase the apparel you’ve displayed on your e-commerce outlet?

One effective technique is by posting attractive apparel photographs on your online store. From product photography of the apparel to removing the background from the apparel photograph, there are loads of things you should do to enhance your clothing product photograph.

You can shoot photographs flat or drape them over a mannequin to give a 3D effect. Many online apparel stores display their outfits flat. While this look is great for tees, baby outfits and lingerie, this technique may not be very effective when you’re displaying dresses or gowns. Also while photographing, you should set the camera high so, you can get the right view. The other options for apparel product photography are models or mannequins.

Remember to press the apparel before photographing them to prevent creases and wrinkles. Preferably use a steamer rather than an iron to ensure you don’t burn outfits while trying to press them. Though you can always use post processing techniques to remove the creases and the other elements, for best results remove those annoying creases even before you photograph the clothing product.

Pay attention to the light conditions. Flash or bright light can create a glare on the product, and the original colour of the apparel will not be clearly visible. Use soft boxes and umbrellas to diffuse light and soften it. Set the umbrella at around 45 degrees, so the light falls on the shoulder and spreads down the model enhancing the aspects of the apparel.

Now that you’ve got the outfit ready and the lighting setup, check out the background. Ensure the background is plain and clear, so your outfit is clearly displayed. If you’re not able to get the right type of background, no problems. You can always remove the background when you go for product photography editing services.

Preferably use a wide angle lens, which will allow you to cover more space. Set the camera high using a tripod for best results. Shoot the outfit from multiple angles, so you can show different views of the product on the webpage. Alternatively, while post processing, these multiple views can be stitched together to create a 360 degree view, an option that most online stores are going for now.

After you’ve shot as many pictures of the clothing product you want, it’s time to place it under the editing scanner. Most photo editors prefer to use Photoshop for apparel photography editing. This photo editing tool offers plenty of options to edit photographs before you post them online.

Background removal is an essential feature of post processing. The apparel product image background is removed using a series of tools and replaced with a transparent or white background. A clear background will allow the image to easily blend in with the website layout.

Images have to be resized before they’re posted on the website. You can blow up the picture or reduce its size to create a thumbnail image. If you’re preparing a product catalog, then all the images should be cropped to the same size. Each ecommerce site has its own clothing optimal image size. If you’re planning to showcase your apparels on these marketplaces, then you should ensure that the apparel product image meets those specifications.

Mannequin or invisible man effect is another technique that a lot of online stores are using to display apparel. When you photograph clothing, you can use a mannequin. But later on, using post processing techniques, you can remove the mannequin, so the image has the 3D effect, but is not distracted by the mannequin.

Good apparel photographs will give your online store customer a great feel of the apparel, so they will be convinced of the quality and apparel style. Attract more customers to your online outlet with effective apparel photography and image editing.