If you’re planning to upload photographs on your online retail outlet, you should ensure that the background is removed from the images. When the product photos are shot, some unwanted elements may be present in the background. Sometimes, the images may have reflections or shadows that you don’t want. In such conditions, you should remove the background to enhance its quality. Also a clear background will highlight the details of your image. So, wondering how to remove background from images? You can make use of photo editing software like Photoshop for background removal.

Remove Background from Images using Photoshop Elements 3

Some of the tools offered by PE3 are background eraser tool, magnetic lasso, selection brush, and magnetic eraser tool. After you open the image in Photoshop, create a duplicate layer of the background to be on the safe side. So, if you want to go back and start again, you will have the original layer to work on again. Hide the original layer, so you can conveniently work on the duplicate background layer. Select the magnetic eraser tool, and set the tolerance level based on the size of the background. If the background has similar color areas, use the contiguous option to remove the similar color areas in one click. While cleaning up the background, sometimes certain areas may also get erased. So, as you get closer to the product image, change the brush size.

Go to the layers palette and click on the adjust layers button. Finally use the clipping mask option to refine the selection and make final adjustments to the background removal. Rename the background copy layer in the layers palette as Mask. Create another duplicate layer and group it with the existing layer. This new layer masks the older one without creating any pixilation. The transparent areas are clearly defined.

Remove Background from Pictures using Corel Photo-Paint

Another photo editing software you can use to remove background from your product images is Corel Photo-Paint 9. If offers an extensive suite of tools that are similar to ones found on Photoshop.

Transparent Color Selection Tool

It is similar to the background eraser tool found on Photoshop. This tool is very easy to use, and with just a click it lets you remove a single colored background. You don’t have to drag the tool onto the image, but you should click on the button multiple times, one time for each color in the background. Set the tolerance setting based on the background size. You can use the transparent background image when you’re uploading product photos on to your online store. On the other hand, you can also replace the transparent background with another custom background of your choice.

Path Tool

Path Tool is Corel’s response to Photoshop’s pen tool. Use this tool to manually trace the product’s outline to clip it out of the background.

Channel Mask

This background removal technique can be used with other methods for refined results. Before you use this technique to remove backgrounds from the picture, you should breakup the image into different color channels. You can easily do it using the split channels to RGB option available on the menu. The image is split into 3 color channels – red, blue and green. Use the channel that contains the highest details as the image mask to remove the background.

Scissors Tool

Similar to the magnetic lasso tool on Photoshop, the scissors tool lets you cut out the product image from the background. This technique will prove to be more effective, if the product photo has a regular outline.

If you’re not very experienced in using either of the photo editing software, then you can rely on online background removal tools. They generally offer free sample background removal, and after you’re assured of the quality, you can send them more work.

You can also take advantage of photo editing services offered by outsourcing companies. They have a large team of photo editors and complete bulk projects in a short span of time.