Online shopping has been growing in leaps and bounds in the last few years. Whether it’s picking great deals on Black Friday or shopping for gifts for Valentine’s day, more and more people are logging on to e-commerce platforms to complete their shopping. It is not only convenient to shop online, but also a very affordable and time-saving option for scores of people around the world. The market works on demand and supply. The demand for online stores in on the rise, and proportionally the number of online stores has also increased. So, it means there are thousands of stores in the wide world web catering to every imaginable product from baby food to designer gowns! Do you own an e-commerce platform? Any ideas of how you can make it stand apart from the thousands of other websites in the virtual world?

Let’s take a look at the websites of the National winners for 2014 Australian Web Awards. Just in Time Gourmet grabbed the winning place in the e-commerce category. Check out the website. What first captures your attention? The simple, yet catchy layout, bright and clear pictures and the tempting callouts! Right, what makes a website better than the rest are the product images you post on your web pages. If you look closely, you will see that each photograph is clearly detailed and set on a white background, which makes it pleasing to the eye.

In the commercial category of the 2014 Australian Web Awards, Humaan grabbed the award the second time. Though it isn’t an e-commerce platform, there are loads we can learn from this two-time winner. Images make your website more interesting and interactive. They encourage your website visitor to navigate to different pages in the website and explore your store more.

These real-life examples portray the importance of uploading clear images on your website. They tell you that good pictures are a great way to attract more customers and get more return on your investment.

An experienced professional photographer will be able to capture amazing images of your product. But, the photos are captured in the studio, and may have distractions in the background. Moreover, the lighting conditions while photographing will result in shadows and reflections. You should go for reliable photo editing services to remove these unwanted elements to enhance your picture quality. The background should be removed from the picture and replaced with a transparent one that will blend in your website’s layout. Moreover, a white or clear background will create a better backdrop for your product image.

Plenty of case studies conducted on the growth of e-commerce stores have shown that images play a pivotal role in establishing the website’s popularity. One of the 6 e-commerce trends suggested in the Practical E-commerce is large photography. This article goes on to explain how large images can sell your product better. The online world is soon going to see higher pixel photographs and more images that can be rotated 360 degrees. This trend has not grown just because the display screen of handheld devices are getting bigger with each advanced version, but also because of faster internet speeds and high-end OS used in Smartphones. This leads us to another e-commerce trend that is sure to see exponential growth in 2015 – The use of mobile phones for internet shopping. It has spurred the development of mobile platforms for e-commerce websites. More people are using their mobile devices to browse shopping sites and make their purchases even when they’re on the go. Another reason to ensure your website has plenty of interactive photographs.

All these trends suggest that advanced techniques should be used to edit photographers to match different requirements and hosting platforms. Images should be properly resized without loss of picture quality, so they appear stunning whether seen on the desktop or a Smartphone.

In order to meet the high quality standards of the industry and the increasing levels of competition, e-commerce platforms should equip themselves with the best features to win the race. Carve a niche for yourself on the virtual world and create a name for yourself by populating your website with expertly edited photographs.